The PumpHouse

Brand Strategy and Identity

The PumpHouse sees the redevelopment of Albury’s old power and water station into a regional creative maker space where people can connect, create and learn.

It’s purpose – to inspire, nurture and sustain creativity in the community.

Celsius Design worked with AlburyCity and a dedicated ThinkTank group to develop a brand strategy that articulated a clear vision, set of values, and unique positioning for The PumpHouse. This foundational work unearthed a brand essence – ‘Generating Creativity’ – which later became the tagline and inspiration for the visual identity.

Our visual identity is symbolic of harnessing resources to produce great things – the effects of which are felt by all. It draws upon the site’s location and heritage which was once used as a meeting place for First Nation’s people and its previous purpose of generating power and water to the town.

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