The Usefulness of Art

Campaign Branding

Musician and artist Adam Simmons conceived a five-part music series.

This series celebrates the qualities that art helps engender, including acceptance, empathy, generosity, compassion and faith.

After many years of performance experience and a mix of formal and informal research, Adam firmly believes that art is a vital part of our humanity. It is something which helps build community through expression and sharing of our diversities, leading to better understanding and acceptance.

Building on this, Celsius arrived at the conceptual idea of a strong acronym of the name, giving strength and creating an icon so that in the future, the Usefulness of Art will be identifiable as a both a mark – and a movement.

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the-usefulness-of-art-brand-identity the-usefulness-of-art-photography
the-usefulness-of-art-photography the-usefulness-of-art-stationery-design the-usefulness-of-art-website-design the-usefulness-of-art-poster-design the-usefulness-of-art-website-design the-usefulness-of-art-website-design the-usefulness-of-art-poster-design